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Steak & Seafood

All dishes are served with your choice of two of the following: Fresh cut fries, garlic mashed potatoes, baked potato, rice, seasonal veggies or coleslaw.

Add a little something extra to spice up your steak
Add Sautéed mushrooms, onions, or peppers for $2.99
Add garlic shrimp $5.99

Steak Temperatures
Blue: Very red, cold raw center
Rare: Red, cool centre
Medium Rare: Red, Warm center
Medium: Pink, hot center
Medium Well: Dull pink centre

  • 2 pcs $15.99 1 pcs $12.99
    Zanders Fish & Chips

    Cod filets lightly battered in our Zanders beer batter and fried to a perfect golden brown.

  • $19.99
    Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

    An 8oz fresh salmon filet fire grilled then lightly coated with teriyaki sauce and oven bake.  Cooked to your liking - Medium, Medium-well, or Well done

  • $19.99
    Louisiana Blackened Grilled Salmon

    An 8oz fresh salmon filet, dry rubbed,pan-seared then fire grilled and oven baked.

  • $19.99
    The Big Salisbury Steak

    A 1lb ground beef steak topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions and homemade beef gravy

  • 8oz $20.99 12oz $23.99
    NY Striploin Steak

    AAA New York striploin steak, aged a minimum of 28 days to the peak of tenderness and flavour, dry rubbed with our signature steak spice and fire grilled the way you like it.

  • 8ox $21.99 12oz $24.99
    Mushroom & Sautéed Onion Striploin

  • 8oz $21.99 12oz $24.99
    Melted Blue Cheese Striploin

  • 8oz $24.99 12oz $27.99
    Creamy Pesto Shrimp Striploin